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About Organizer

Auragen Group began to address the problem and sought to clarify the overall goal of scientific researchers centered in the field of science and innovation to support the exchange of ideas and information, also to encourage coordinated collaborations among researchers, academicians, and scientists in the same field. Use our foundation to improve your skills, share your assessments, suggestions and experiences; establish contacts with your fellow researchers and scientists, and have some increasingly important conversations. We may perform subjective data and information through our meetings for our current and upcoming ages. Here are a few key points that you will seek clearly during the meeting

Get feedback on an early form of your most recent work
Become more acquainted with others in your field
Perceive the most recent research
Improve your presentation and communication abilities
Visit another place and have a ton of fun
Meet your scholarly legends
Participate in significant level discussions and refine your thoughts
You can add your experience to your CV

Why You Should Join?

Great Speakers

Meet with the specialists in your field and think about their novel research discoveries

New People

Meet various individuals from various regions all throughout the planet

Global Event

Project your exploration in the international platform for new collaborations and networking

Get Inspired

Inspire by the intriguing research introduced by professionals

Networking Session

An intelligent meeting could edify the novel thoughts, coordinated efforts and improvement in your field

Meet New Faces

Encourage the youthful ability and meet them to set out more open doors for them

Why Choose Us?


Our central goal clarifies our explanation behind presence, what our identity is and what we do. So it underpins our vision and conveys our motivation and course to the entirety of our clients, associates and accomplices to share different perspectives and considerations that fortifies the most recent research in the field of science and innovation. Our establishment, whereupon our networks improve and develop, depends on vital, solid and inventive way to deal with our clients.


Our vision articulation portrays our organization which raises the expectations of quality in the field as it would show up our progress in coming future. It drives our organization's choices and objectives which challenges and motivates our associates, accomplices and clients. We will likely form a top notch association focused on the drawn out accomplishment of our networks and clients.

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